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Excel Callnet

Chandigarh, UT, India

BPO/ Call Centre/ ITES

Excel Callnetoots lie in the managed and call center services industries. Having built or contributed to various international outsourcing services organizations themselves, Excel Callnet management team set out to create a company that was Easy to work with; had Effective solutions to important problems; and an Exemplary service ethic.

Excel Callnet is a new generation, internet based, outsourced processing company focused on providing voice, data and end to end solutions to the data, accounting and contact center industries. Founded on the principal that every company should have the opportunity to Unleash the Potential of Business through OutsourcingTM.

We recognize that in order to incorporate outsourcing as a key business strategy, companies must overcome typical outsourcing barriers such as lack of knowledge, heavy upfront investments, long and complex sales cycles, inability to experience relatively quick benefits and more. Excel Callnet Global Service, Local DeliveryTM operations model provides clients with the ability to outsource domestic and globally, depending on comfort levels and objectives.

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Fax No:+91-172-5018485